Azeri and Russian Presidents Considering Development of Bilateral Co-operation

Politics Materials 9 November 2006 14:02 (UTC +04:00)

On 9 November, the President of Azerbaijan, Ilham Aliyev, will meet with the President of Russian Federation, Vladimir Putin, within his visit to Russia.

The arrival of the Azerbaijani Head at the Kremlin demonstrates the high level of communication relating to all topics of mutual interest, Trend reports quoting ITAR-TASS. This is the 4th meeting this year of the Presidents of Azerbaijan and Russia: in February Vladimir Putin's visited Baku on a business trip in June, in July they met at the 2nd Summit of the Council of Interaction and Confidence-Meeting Measures in Alma-Ata, Asia and Ilham Aliyev participated in the informal summit of the Commonwealth of Independent States in Moscow. The primary part of the meeting will be committed to negotiations between Putin and Aliyev. The Presidents will exchange views on the implementation of items of the Joint Declaration of the Presidents of Azerbaijan and Russia dated 22 February 2006.

The Kremlin administration stated that the key component of Russian-Azerbaijani relations is the importance of commercial and economical co-operation. The rapid growth rate is observed in the trade turnover, which has increased by more than 50% over the 9 months of the current year as compared to the same period of 2005, and according to expert assessments, the amount of the trade turnover will reach $1.5 mln by the end of the year. This confirms the successful high level implementation of the agreement and the possibility to increase it up to $2 bln.

Russia and Azerbaijan actively co-operate with regard to fuel and energy complexes, including transportation of the Azerbaijani oil through the Russian territory and delivery of natural gas from Russia to Azerbaijan.

Joint projects are planned and realized with regards to the electric power, transport, non-ferrous metallurgy and machine-building.

The Kremlin mentions the significance of the integrate processes between the two countries and co-operation of the subjects of the Russian Federation with Azerbaijan. The products of 140 enterprises from 12 subjects of the Russian Federation were presented in the Russian national exhibition in Baku in February.

Special attention will be paid to the humanitarian block of the Russian-Azerbaijani relations and development of cultural relations.

The Presidents will exchange the preliminary results of National Years of the two countries. The Year of Azerbaijan took place in Russia in 2005, and the Russian Year in Azerbaijan concluded in December. These events contributed significantly in fostering bilateral relations, strengthening political ties, expanding economy relations, science, education and culture and approaching the Russian and Azerbaijani population.

The Heads of Russia and Azerbaijan will discuss preparations for the forthcoming Summit of CIS in Moscow on 28 November.

In addition, the Presidents will exchange views on the situation in Caucasus, including Nagorno-Karabakh problem, ways of ensuring the regional security, and will touch up on the actual international problems.