Azerbaijani President Begins His State Visit to France

Politics Materials 29 January 2007 12:13

On January 29th the President of Azerbaijan, Ilham Aliyev, is commencing his State visit to France, Trend reports.

He is scheduled to have a meeting with the French Jaques Shirak on January 29th, after which he will attend an official dinner. On January 30th the Azerbaijani President will meet with Prime Minister Dominik de Wilpen. On the same day another meeting is scheduled with the President of Senate, Chritsian Ponsele, and the Head of the National Assembly, JeanвЂ"Lui Debre. Further talks will also be held with the Foreign Minister, Phillip Doust-Blasi, the Defense Minister, Michel Allio-Mari, the Minister for Agriculture and Fishing, Dominik Boussero and the Authorized Minister for Veteran Affairs, Hamlaun Mekashera.

On January 30th President Aliyev is scheduled to have a meeting with the Mayor of Paris, Bertran Delanoe. On January 31st will leave for Lille to meet with elected officials of the Nord Pa de Kale region and representatives of economic circles of the region.

During his trip President Aliyev will be accompanied by several Azerbaijani government officials, including the Foreign Minister Elmar Mammadyarov, The Minister for Economic Development, Heydar Babayev and the Minister for Emergencies, Kemaleddin Heydarov

During the visit to France the Azerbaijani President will consider the consolidation of bilateral relationships and the development of the Caucasus region. The talks will also focus on several draft agreements on co-operation in the field of scientific research, civil security, tourism and the status family and women.

The President's state visit to France will come to an end on January 31st.