Ten things you didn’t know about… Lindsay Lohan

Society Materials 15 October 2007 10:35
Ten things you didn’t know about… Lindsay Lohan

(showbizspy.com) - Below are ten facts you really didn't know about the mixed up, but rather potent celebrity who has been in the public gaze for the last five or more years. The 21-year-old is renowned for her starring role in 'Mean Girls' and appearances in movies alike.

1. In 1993, Lindsay appeared, along with a number of other children, in a Halloween skit with David Letterman on The Late Show. She was dressed as garbage.

It's amazing how accurate dress costume designers can be with children - foreshadowing what she was to become.

2. Lindsay has had bronchial asthma since she was two years old.

After all her drink abuse - it's amazing she's still alive!

3. After undergoing an emergency appendectomy on January 4, 2007, Lindsay was warned by doctors that she is suffering from liver damage and could possibly face serious health consequences if she doesn't ease up on her drinking. Later that night she was spotted partying at a Los Angeles club.

Perhaps you already knew this. One thing is for sure - Lindsay is a stupid girl.

4. Lindsay has a tattoo on her hip that reads La Bella Vita. This translates to "The Beautiful Life."

Her life is everything but beautiful, so I don't know what that was about...

5. Lindsay has fought off rumors of anorexia, and is currently wanting to make a documentary on eating disorders to help young girls realize that it isn't at all the glamorous disease Hollywood makes it look like.

Yes, here's a great role model for preventing eating disorder, the girl who lives on fried food and vodka all day.

6. Lindsay enjoys gymnastics, swimming, ice skating, roller blading, singing, biking, reading, and writing.

I'm flabbergasted she can fit all this activity into her tight schedule.

7. Lindsay wears a size 9 shoe.

See, Showbiz Spy's extremely relevant information - I'm sure you'll remember that folks.

8. Lindsay's favorite foods include Italian cuisine, sushi, ice cream, ice cream cake, and chocolate mousse cake. She also likes to drink Pepsi.

As you read this list, it becomes ever so unhealthy, hence it's Lindsay Lohan.

9. Lindsay's favorite sneaker brand is Nike and Puma.


10. Lindsay's mom currently helps her with her career.

Yes, Dina Lohan, Mrs Sensible! Yeah, sure...