Sheikh Ul Islam Explains Not Allowing Religious People of Abu Bekr Mosque to Other Mosques with Ensuring Security (video)

Society Materials 30 August 2008 15:18 (UTC +04:00)

Azerbaijan, Baku, 30 August / , corr. S.Kazimli /Religious people of Abu-Bekr Mosque are not allowed to other mosques in order to ensure security after the recent incident, said the Head of Caucasus Muslims Clerical Board, Sheikh Ul Islam Haji Allah Shukur Pashazade, said on 30 August, commenting on police resistance against praying of religious people of Abu-Bekr Mosque in the mosques in the Old City and Martyr's Avenue on 29 August.

Religious people said that although there was place in the mosque, the police intentionally did not allow them. The policemen who closed the way to the mosque said that they made it in order to ensure security of religious people and prevent their praying in streets.

It is already several days that the believers from Abu Bakr mosque allege that they are called to police departments and their beards are shaved by force. However, Interior Ministry and Prosecutor's Office deny it.

Pashazade said the organization he heads has not given such instruction to mosques. Sheik-ul-Islam does accept the assessment of a blast in Abu Bakr mosque on 17 August as an attempt to undermine stability by some forces.

He believes this blast is a result of unreasonable action of some persons. "Such incident has not happened in Azerbaijan before. It is a big sin to kill someone in the home of Allah. This is a result of lack of wisdom by someone," Pashazade said.

On 17 August, a hand grenade exploded in Abu Bakr mosque. According to official reports, the blast killed 2 and wounded 19.

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