Azerbaijani Public Figures Willing to Visit South Ossetia

Society Materials 4 September 2008 15:19 (UTC +04:00)
Azerbaijani Public Figures Willing to Visit  South Ossetia

Azerrbaijan, Baku, 4 September/ Trend , corr J. Babayeva/ The members of the National Euro-Integration Committee of Azerbaijan (NECA) plans to visit South Ossetia in order to mediate in release of Georgian war captives. "Alexander Rusetski, chairman of Georgian office of Helsinki Citizens' Assembly (HCA) have appealed us to assist in releasing war captives of Georgia," Arzu Abdullayeva, member of NECA and head of Baku office of HCA said in a press conference on the results of the visit to Georgia.

Members of National Euro-Integration Committee of Azerbaijan including Arzu Abdullayeva, head of Baku Office of HCA, Eldar Namazov, head of For Azerbaijan public forum, Mehman Aliyev, head of Turan news agency and Avaz Hasanov, chairman of Humanitarian Studies Society have been in Georgia from August 28 to September 2. They have meet with governmental agencies, NGOs and opposition members of Georgia. The visit aimed at rendering moral support of Azerbaijani community to that of Georgia.

Abdullayeva said 40 Georgian military men are kept in captivity in South Ossetia. "Though South Ossetia and Russia said there were no captives of war left, later South Ossetia confirmed the fact that 40 military men were held in captivity. It is not available yet on what terms South Ossetia will release captives. South Ossetia is looking for those missing people as a result of the conflict. But at present, the government and civil society say there are no captives in Georgia".

Chairman of Humanitarian StudiesSociety Avaz Hasanov said they plan to visit South Ossetia to help in releasing captives. "The date of the visit is not available yet. Georgia said it is prepared to provide us with data on captives," Hasanov said.

Abdullayeva said there is no a unified organization for Hostages, and POWs in Georgia. "Separate individuals and person are dealing with this issue in Georgia. During the meeting it was proposed to set up a Coordinating Council to draw a list of captives and hostages. The list is inevitable in order to look for them. Though 40 people are reported to be held in captivity, civilians introduce different figures on number of hostages of the conflict. They claim 300 to 1000 people are missing. South Ossetia does not divulge number of captives and hostages," he said.

He said if we introduce a list of Georgian captives to South Ossetia, we must say that they are also interested in looking for their captives and hostages. "If there is mutual interest, we can help. We will start work after Georgia introduces us the list. We plan to get permission for a visit with the help of our members in South Oseetia," he said.

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