All Christian cemeteries in Baku get reconstructed (PHOTO)

Society Materials 16 May 2023 10:35 (UTC +04:00)
All Christian cemeteries in Baku get reconstructed (PHOTO)

BAKU, Azerbaijan, May 16. Information was spread in the media about the destruction of graves at a Christian cemetery in the village of Balakhani in the Sabunchi district of Baku about a month ago, Trend reports.

On behalf of First Vice-President of Azerbaijan Mehriban Aliyeva, this issue was taken under special control. With the participation of the Assistant to the President of Azerbaijan for Territorial and Organizational Issues, Zeynal Nagdaliyev, an inspection of the area was conducted, and a meeting with residents and representatives of the Russian community was held.

In less than a month, the Baku city executive authorities rebuilt 70 and restored 65 tombstones at the cemetery located in the village of Balakhani, 12 crosses were restored, a 770-meter-long stone wall was built, 3 video surveillance cameras were installed, 4,500 square meters of gravel were sprinkled on the roads, new water lines were carried out and a spring was built. Whitewashing works also were carried out.

As a result of monitoring the condition of Christian cemeteries by the executive authorities of the districts of Baku, it was found that currently there are 28 active cemeteries in the capital, where about 232,654 people are buried. During the monitoring, it was found that as a result of environmental influences, some graves suffered damage. The facts of damage to metal fences of cemeteries, tombstones, and iron railings were also revealed.

On the part of the local executive authorities of Baku, landscaping works were carried out at all cemeteries:

- water and electric lines have been restored or carried out;

- new fences have been installed (or restored) at 21 cemeteries, which are the 15,372 meters length;

- 46 surveillance cameras are installed in 15 cemeteries;

- 1,023 tombstones have been restored.

All social strata and their requests, regardless of religious or national affiliation, are in the focus of the government's attention. And this demonstrates the high level of multiculturalism in Azerbaijan.