Schedule of 18th day of Ramadan

Society Materials 21 October 2005 11:58 (UTC +04:00)

The 18th day of holly Ramadan вЂ" 22 October вЂ" will start with a morning pray (namaz) and breakfast (imsag) at 06.49am, while the evening pray (namaz) and supper (iftar) is at 19.09pm, the Caucasus Moslems Board (CMB) told Trend.

In accordance with the schedule provided by the CMB the 17th day of Ramadan вЂ" 21 October was to end with the evening pray (namaz) and supper (iftar) to be at 19.11pm. According to calculations by the Shamakhi Observatory, the time in regions can be later 5-14 minutes as compared to Baku time.

Tonight from 22 to 23 October, on the 18th days of Ramadan, is the first "leylat Р°Р"СЊ-kadr" (вЂ�the night of might’ or вЂ�night of predestination’), when Allah resolves the destiny of people. On these nights the Mosques are crowded with people who participate in the theological lectures and gatherings conducted by ulemas (Muslim theologians). It is supposed that Allah can forgive the sin of a man that night, if he prays and helps the needy people, donates for charity purposes. Allah also releases the hearts of the dead from the hell. The rest nights of вЂ�leylat al-kard’ occurs to 24, 26 and 30 October. As of the legend, in one of these knights Allah gifted Koran to the world.