Period of Document Admission for Competition Announced for Frequency of ANS May be Prolonged - Head of Azeri TV and Radio Council

Society Materials 29 December 2006 16:35 (UTC +04:00)

The Chairman of the National TV and Radio Council of Azerbaijan, Nushiravan Maharramli, informed Trend that the document admission for the participation in the competition announced for the frequency of ANS can be prolonged if there is an appeal to the Council.

The document admission for the competition announced for the frequency of ANS will finish on January 5. According to the decision of the Azerbaijan Government, the period from December 31 to January 6 is holidays.. Maharramli said that taking into consideration that 7 days will be holidays, an alternative working regime may be realized in the Council. The Legal and License Department of the Council will work during the holidays to continue the admission of the documents. According to Amashov, if necessary the period of the document admission can be prolonged for several more days after January 5.

Those who wish to participate in the competition can not collect all the necessary documents during the holidays. They may appeal to the Council in relation with this. Presently, no one except ANS applied.

On November 24, the National TV and Radio Council made a decision on terminating the transmission of ANS due to the breaks in the activities of ANS, and announced a competition for ANS frequency. On December 12 the transmission of ANS was restored till the end of the competition.