Education Minister Says Azerbaijan Has No Intensions to Increase Fees for Higher Education

Society Materials 27 February 2007 21:11 (UTC +04:00)

Azerbaijan, Baku / Trend , corr. S. Ilhamgizi/ Misir Mardanov, Azerbaijan's Education Minister, has told journalists that Azerbaijan has no intentions to increase the fees of higher education yet. He said that the Education Ministry jointly with representatives of the Economic Development Ministry of the Country were occupied in studying the difference between the payment of education in paid faculties and institutes of higher education of the country.

The Minister touched on other issuees as well. He noted that laboratories and laboratory equipment in higher education institutes of the country were in poor condition. "I cannot express a positive opinion concerning it. I have to admit that for the last 20 years, not too much laboratotry equipment which could be met with international requirements has been bought. Some institutes of higher education of the country equipped their laboratories at their own expense, the other ones still have problems," said the Minister.

Mr. Mardanov also said that the Ministry was carrying out exams to check the level of knowledge of those who study in secondary schools of the country. "I am particularly concerned about the issue of the level of teachers in the secondary schools. We are carrying out monitoring in this field. However, there are many teachers in Baku, who show an interest and get aquainted with different programmes applied in the world of education experience. I am happy with it. But, in the regions and remote mountaneous villages, it is impossible to complete the work on incresing the qualifications of teachers for a year", concluded the Minister.