Azerbaijani Chairman of Appeals Court Charges Judges in Corruption

Society Materials 14 June 2007 18:43 (UTC +04:00)

Azerbaijan, Baku / Trend corr. I.Alizadeh / Ilham Hasanov, the Chairman of the Board on Criminal Cases and Administrative Violation of Legal Issues, stated on 14 June during the meeting of the permanent Commission on Policy and State Establishing of the Azerbaijani Parliament, that the Chairman of the Appeals Court of Azerbaijan charged several judges in corruption.

Hasanov noted that in all countries of the world, even in the United States, there are legal figures involved in corruption, and the fact that Azerbaijani Judges take bribery is irrefutable.

"There is yet not one judge who has been brought to prosecution for unjust decisions or for taking bribery. But there are judges who are involved in bribery and at the same time they are honest judges," Hasanov noted.

In 2006 some 12,000 criminal cases were investigated in the Azerbaijani Appeals Court and the end of the year might see the injustice of the Court's decisions.

One more reason why Judges pass unjust sentences is due to the gaps and contradictions in legislation.

Hasanov called all MPs to pass laws, which create conditions for fair justice, as well as to remove all existing gaps and contradictions in the Law.

Hasanov especially stressed illiteracy among Universities graduates of the Juridical faculty of the Baku State University.

"Graduates of the University could literally not say two full sentences. It is natural that they cannot pass exams into vacancies," Hasanov said.

Safa Mirzoyev, the Head of the Azerbaijan Parliament Administration, does not agree with Chairman of the Board's charge.