Kyrgyz parliament allows energy companies to restructure 3.269bln debt

Business Materials 25 December 2008 16:39 (UTC +04:00)

Sixty-six members of parliament voted in support of the allowing energy companies to restructure a 3.269 billion debt for unpaid taxes and loans. The initiative was totally supported by the Ak Zhol fraction, while communists and social-democrats refused to vote for it, reported 24.kg.

According to the parliament committees the main debt of 1.881,600 billion soms, whereof 1.387,700 billion is made by the Electricheskie Stantzii and 493.9 million - by the National Electrical Network of Kyrgyzstan, is to be discharged within 10 months with further even distribution for years. Originally the government offered to set a longer period - 25 years.

During the last parliament session the Minister of Industry, Energy and Fuel Resources Ilias Davydov said that the government will consider writing off of citizens' debts in early 2009.