Iran reveals reasons hindering development of Chabahar port

Business Materials 28 April 2019 12:26 (UTC +04:00)

Tehran, Iran, April 28


The main reason hindering the development of Iran's Chabahar port is the effort of neighboring Pakistan to turn into a regional hub through the Gwadar port, Ali Yarmohammadi, the representative of Zahedan province in Iranian parliament told Trend.

Referring to Pakistan's extensive activities in the Gwadar port at 70 kilometers from Iranian border, he said that Iran is losing ideal opportunities with Chabahar port due to the swift and rapid action of the neighboring country.

Further, he pointed out that with the intensification of US sanctions and blocking the financial channels of Iran, the Chabahar port`s development plan has been restricted due to the possible withdrawal of Indians.

"Since India is one of the US allies in the region, it seems that in the near future the New Delhi will withdraw from Iranian projects," added Yarmohammadi.

The MP went on to say that the main reason for lagging behind in the development plan for Chabahar port is the lack of planning and coherent decision in the creation of infrastructure in the region.

“Delays in the implementation of the development plan for Chabahar port will cause irreparable losses to the country`s economy,” he noted.

Yarmohammadi noted that if the countries of the region were dependent on Iran in different sectors such as food, agriculture and even mineral resources, the US could not easily force the countries to stop their relations with Iran.

“As we only have relations with the world through the sale of crude oil, these countries can find a substitute for Iranian oil under sanctions,” he added.