Prices on agricultural products in Iran remain high

Business Materials 2 January 2020 10:05 (UTC +04:00)

TEHRAN,Iran, Jan.2


Fruits at Iranian markets continue to rise in price, thanks to recent rainfall and lack of supplies, the secretary of Tehran Retain Fruiterer Association Ali Haj Fathali told Trend.

He spoke about the price changes of agricultural goods in Iran last month ((November 22 to December 22).

"Due to rainfall, the price of agriculture products increased last month and the volume of onion, tomato and cucumber supply to the markets have declined," he said.

"The main reason for lack of supply was rain and snow on the roads that led to delay of agriculture products transportation from Tabriz, Mashhad and Isfahan to Tehran," he added.

"Currently there is sufficient amount of orange and apple supply in storehouses and there is no shortage in this regard while the surplus products are mostly being exported to the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS)," he said.

"There are more demands for export of red onion due to high quality of the product, compared to white onion," he said referring to the rise of red onion price.

Speaking about the lack of tomatoes in the market, Fathali said that usually a product is exported if there's surplus, while in case with tomatoes, Pakistanis have purchased raw tomatoes from Iranian farmers, so this affected the supply to the domestic market.

The Statistical Center of Iran has released a report on inflation of food items during November 22 to December 22, which says that price of tomato has increased by 17.1 percent, while price on onion has jumped by 24.6 percent rise, cucumbers - by 14 percent, compared to previous months.