From digital transformation to strategic priorities: Siemens talks work in Uzbekistan (Exclusive)

Business Materials 26 October 2021 08:00 (UTC +04:00)
From digital transformation to strategic priorities: Siemens talks work in Uzbekistan (Exclusive)

BAKU, Azerbaijan, Oct.26


Siemens company has been successfully working in Uzbekistan and is looking to expand its activity there, as the company's representative spoke to Trend about the priority areas.

"Firstly, the priority direction for Siemens in Uzbekistan is the development of a roadmap for digital transformation. When the roadmap will be created, there will be more opportunities for the digitalization of specific sectors. Secondly, the company's strategic priority is the localization of electrical equipment," the company told Trend.

The third direction is development of mining and metallurgical sector, based on advanced technologies, which is being implemented together with the Almalyk Mining and Metallurgical Complex of Uzbekistan.

"Moreover, the last priority is increasing local competencies; education and training of personnel of enterprises in Uzbekistan, since digitalization of any industry, is impossible without competent and qualified specialists," said the company's representative.

Siemens also spoke about the ongoing project on localization of the production of electrical equipment in Uzbekistan.

"Siemens has previously completed the discussion phase of the project on localization of the production of electrical equipment in Uzbekistan and now is moving on to the practical stage," Trend was told.

Recently it was reported that Siemens intends to localize the production of electrical equipment in Uzbekistan together with the Uzelektroapparat-Electroshield enterprise.

Siemens said 'it is too early' to talk about the possibility of exporting electrical equipment, as the company is now in the early stages of the project. The issue will be discussed at a later stage, and the decision will depend on the agreements reached between the interested parties.

Another sector, where Siemens is looking to expand its reach in Uzbekistan is railway, in particular - the modernization of railway technologies.

"Railway technologies covers a wide spectrum of areas including modern trains and infrastructure automation. Siemens has extensive experience in this area and a wide portfolio of solutions for the modernization of the railway industry in Uzbekistan," said the company.

The representative added that there is an intensive development of Uzbek economy, in terms of digitalization. At the same time, Uzbek Government has outlined very ambitious goals to increase the GDP to the level of developed countries by 2030.

"This will require serious efforts and significant investments in infrastructure, energy and training of qualified specialists. And Siemens is one of the leaders in terms of the digitalization of the industry and offers the most advanced solutions. In addition, the company is ready to assist in training specialists and improving their qualifications - this is one of our strategic priorities in Uzbekistan," Siemens said.

The partnership between Siemens and Uzbekistan opens up great prospects for both parties, and the company hopes that it will be able to make a significant contribution to the modernization of Uzbek economy and the development of the country.

Uzbekistan is a very important strategic partner for Siemens. In recent years, serious positive changes has been happening in the country: the economy is being liberalized, the protection of entrepreneurship is being strengthened, and the credit and banking system is being modernized.

"All this creates a favorable market space, and Siemens wants to be present at it and contribute to its development, since both sides benefit from this," said the company.

Furthermore, the representative added that Siemens has been cooperating with Uzbekistan for a long time, but in 2017, with the signing of several strategic agreements, a qualitatively new stage of the partnership began. Currently, there are even more intersection points and Siemens is interested in further strengthening its positions in the Uzbek market.