FAO eyes another Partnership Programme on Food and Agriculture project in Turkmenistan

Business 18 January 2022 17:56 (UTC +04:00)

BAKU, Azerbaijan, January 18

By Nargiz Sadikhova - Trend:

In the nearest future, FAO plans to sign another Partnership Programme on Food and Agriculture (FTPP II) project in Turkmenistan, the FAO official told Trend.

The official noted that in 2020, Turkmenistan officially endorsed three regional projects implemented under the FAO-Turkey Partnership Programme on Food and Agriculture (FTPP II) – a program funded by the Government of Turkey and implemented by FAO to ensure food security, improve rural livelihoods and support the sustainable management of natural resources in the countries of Central Asia, the Caucasus and beyond.

The fisheries project (FISHCap) aims to increase countries’ capacities for the sustainable exploitation, management and protection of natural resources through the sustainable development of fisheries and aquaculture. The second project targets reduction of food loss and waste at both national and regional levels through the implementation of policy, strategy and investment programs, sharing knowledge on ways to mitigate losses in production and retail, and raising awareness among consumers.

Finally, the third project, CAC-Rust, aims to strengthen regional collaboration in Central Asia and the Caucasus and enhance national capacities for the management of wheat rust diseases through improving productivity and the resilience of wheat production – a staple in Central Asian countries – against emerging wheat rust epidemics.

Finally, also in 2020, Turkmenistan signed a new regional project designed to support national and regional efforts to boost locust management operations in the countries of Central Asia, as well as Afghanistan, funded by the Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA).

In the nearest future, the official said, FAO plans to sign another FTPP II project: Improving efficiency of small ruminants production for reduction of the GHG emission intensity. In addition, FAO is finalizing a five year Country Programming Framework (CPF) for 2021-2025.

“FAO hopes to further strengthen its cooperation with the Government of Turkmenistan, and share its technical knowledge on sustainable resources management in the field of agriculture,” the official added.