Det.Al Limited Recruiting Staff for Its Enterprises

Business Materials 27 December 2006 15:53 (UTC +04:00)

Feyza Koseoglu, Director of the Quality and Training Systems Department of Det.Al said that the Company is currently recruiting personnel for its enterprises, Trend reports.

According to her, this procedure is being held in several stages. The first stage is IQ (Intelligence quotient) tests technical tasks, the second one holding interviews and meetings with the persons who passed the tests. Then, after some discussions and considerations, appropriate persons to be employed are determined. After they are recruited, they immediately launch their work, since they have passed a special period of training to learn the development of their knowledge.

To recruit staff for 2007, the tests have been held in 8 universities of Baku and Ganja Cities. The number of candidates to be employed reaches 400. 170 out of them succeed to the next stage. Corresponding interviews are expected to be held with them till the end of the month. Then we shall determine those who will work at our enterprises, Ms. Koseoglu said.

She also added that in 2007, Det. Al Limited would open its training centre to improve the qualification of the staff.

According to the representative of the Company, there is a great need in engineers of metallurgy, chemistry, construction, and machinery.