Surplus of Azerbaijan State Budget for Past 11 Months Amounted to 3,1% of GDP

Business Materials 30 December 2006 12:08 (UTC +04:00)

As of December 1, 2006, the factual incomes to the revenue part of the State budget of Azerbaijan amounted to AZN 3624,6 mln (22,2% of GDP), an increase of 196,5% or AZN 1779,7 as comprised with the figures of last year, a Government source informed Trend. The expenditures of the State budget totaled AZN 3116,5 (19,1% of GDP), an increase of AZN 66,9 % (AZN 1248,8 mln). Over 11 months of 2006, the surpluses of the budget totaled AZN 508,1 mln (3,1% of GDP).

70,2% (AZN 2545,8) of the revenue part of the State budget have been covered at the expense of the Taxes Ministry by fulfilling the forecasts at 105,3%. Revenues from the customs duties amounted to AZN 472,2 mln by implementing the forecasts at 102,1%.

For the reported period, AZN 687,8 mln have been received from VAT (19% of gross revenues), AZN 596,8 mln (16,5%) revenue tax, AZN 305,3 mln (8,4%) profit tax, AZN 163,1 mln (4,5%) excise tax , AZN 226,5 mln (6,2%) taxes for external-economical activities.

For 11 months, AZN 294,3 mln (9,4%) have been spend on social provision and protection of population, AZN 396,1 mln (12,7%) education, AZN 220,4 mln (7,1%) bodies of prosecutor's offices, security, law enforcement bodies and courts, AZN 1069,9 mln (34,3%) investment to the economy of the country, AZN 53,1 mln (1,7%) housing and communal services, AZN 735,6 mln (23,6%) industry and construction, AZN 116,2 mln (3,7%) agriculture, forest economy and fishing. 30,1% (AZN 939,2 mln) have been spent on payment of salaries, pensions and allowances.