Azerigaz Announces Open Bidding

Business Materials 17 April 2007 11:47 (UTC +04:00)

Azerbaijan, Baku / corr. Trend S.Aliyev / JSC "Azerigaz" announces the Open Bidding for the Project: "Reconstruction of Karadag Underground Gas Storage on Apsheron Peninsula".

The project involves the reconstruction of Karadag Underground Gas Storage and high pressure natural gas compressor station constructed to reach 2.3 milliard cubic meters capacity of active gas, gas cleaning facilities designing, procurement of necessary equipment, constructing, precommissioning and commissioning (starting up), at the same time complete repair of old wells, drilling of new necessary wells, determination of drilling sites, complete analysis of wells and underground storages have been envisaged.

JSC Azerigaz needs the services of a qualified company for the implementation of contractor works on a turnkey basis, including designing, engineering, equipment and service supply, transportation, construction and start-up, all of them should be completed at the final date.

The qualification factors of applicants wanted to participate in bidding should meet the requirements below:

• Applicant shall be an internationally reputable company or Consortium

• The applicant has over the last 10 years performed contract of nature and complexity comparable to the proposed Project of value of at least 150 million USD equivalent.

• Average annual turnover for each of the last five years of at least 350 million USD equivalent.

• Experience in Project on nature and complexity comparable with this project

• Work experience according to codes and standards API/ASME/ASTM

• Applicant shall be attested to ISO 9001

• Applicant shall submit safety record during construction in the past pipeline projects

• Applicant shall submit its manuals for Quality Assurance (QA), Quality Control (QC) Health, Safety, Environment (HSE) management

• Suitably qualified personnel

• A copy of official registration of the company

• Certificates by public accountants to the Applicant's financial statements submitted

• Completion certificates of the past projects submitted

3. The Open Bidding will be held according to the State Procurement and Sale Law of Azerbaijan Republic.

4. The Applicants' warranty of tender bids should be in a sum 3% of the tender bid total amount.

5. The period of project implementation will be 730 calendar days from the contract Effective Date.

6. With this announcement, JSC "Azerigaz" invites all eligible companies for taking part in Open Bidding. Interested Bidders may obtain additional information and check the conformity of the documents, from Mr. Elhan Mamedov, Chief of Gas Industry Development Projects and Investments Department, JSC "Azerigaz" from 10:00 to 17:00 ( Baku time) at the address given below:

23, Yusif SAFAROV Street,

BAKU, 370025


Tel: (99-412) 90 43 10

Fax: (99-412) 90 43 10

7. A complete set of Bidding Documents in English and Azeri, a copy of electronic version may be purchased by interested companies, having sent the application for taking part in Bidding and having paid of a non refundable fee of 3000 (three thousand) AZN manat, or appropriate fee in US$ on the National Bank of Azerbaijan - exchange rate at the date of payment -. The method of payment will be via bank transfer to JSC Azerigaz settlement account:

ABB Sabunchi Branch

Code 805573

INPT 9900001881

Correspondent account 0137010002944


JSC Azerigaz

Foreign Currency account No. 33312028409955001212

Azn manat account No.33302019449955001212

INPT 9900001621

The Package of Bidding Documents will be sent by courier mail or given to the representative of Bidders at AZERIGAZ JOINT STOCK COMPANY premises.

8. The participants as Applicant in Tender shall submit to JSC "Azerigaz" not later than May 31, 2007 at 17:00 the documents below:

• Application for participation in Tender

• The complete name of Applicant, its legal status, the country where passed registration and requisition

• Bank reference for last one year financial situation of the Contractor

9. The tender bids package should be sealed up in accordance with procured Bidding Documents. The applicant should deliver the bids to the address above not later than 16:00 P.M. ( Baku time) on June 7, 2007. Late bids will be rejected.

10. The bids envelopes will be opened at 11:00 A.M. ( Baku time) on June 8, 2007 at the JSC "Azerigaz" central premises assembly hall at the address: Yusif SAFAROV Street, 23. The applicant and their authorized representatives may take part at the ceremony of the bid opening.