Turkmenistan’s Turkmenbashi oil refinery oriented to international standards

Oil&Gas Materials 20 August 2010 21:00 (UTC +04:00)
Turkmenistan’s hugest oil refinery, which has been fully reconstructed in the amount over $1.6 billion, operates in line with international standards, the refinery announced.

Turkmenistan, Ashgabat, Aug. 20 / corr Trend G.Hasanov /

Turkmenistan's hugest oil refinery, which has been fully reconstructed in the amount over $1.6 billion, operates in line with international standards, the refinery announced.

Manufacturing lubricants on the basis of oil produced in Turkmenistan became a specific task.

"Long search of ways to obtain lubricants from local oil brought positive result. Only during the independence it was possible to solve this problem with the participation of European specialized firms in researches," according to the refinery.

In particular, a new scheme of processing has been developed, which is acceptable for receiving lubricating oils of various brands of the Turkmen oil based on technologies of the Edeleanu Geselshaft GmbH firm. A shop for production of lubricating oils from different functional purposes with capacity of 80,000 tons per year, which is equipped with modern high-tech equipment, was put into operation with the Technip Company's participation.

It includes a complex on production of basic lubricants by different devices, which include vacuum distillery of black oil, selective treatment of vacuum distillates, solvent deparafinization of lubricant refined oil, hydrocleaning of waxed refined oil, as well as rig for combining and automatic packing of commodity lubricants in ten-, five- and three-litre jerricans.

Installation of vacuum distillation on fuel oil processing with capacity of about 1.5 million tons per year was envisaged for the production of oil distillates - the raw material to produce base oils..

The message also includes that that the dewaxed raffinate are sent to the hydrofining in order to ensure a high level of thermal stability, reduce cocking and acidity, improve the color of base oils.

Base oils are received as a result of hydrofining of raffinate with high thermal stability, with a higher viscosity index, low sulfur content.

The manufacturing process is completed by mixing base oils with base oils with additives in the the mixing machinery and packaging of finished oils by simultaneous dosing with mixing in a stream (SMB) or automatic dosing with periodic mixing (ABB).

From the tanks of the finished product lubricating oil through the distribution block is sent to the station of filling in rail and car tankers or to the block of automatic packing with capacity with a line of manufacturing three-, five-, ten-liter polyethylene jerry cans.

The main characteristics of the final process of production of commercial oils are: high productivity, accurate dosing of components, maintenance of temperature and other parameters of mixing and packaging.

Production of lubricating oils corresponds to international quality standard ISO-9001. Ensuring the quality of the produced oil is conducted at all stages of production - the development and optimization of the composition of oil, assessing the level of quality of each batch of finished products in the product storage tanks, rail and road tankers, as well as cans of different sizes.

The quality level of produced base oil was studied in a Research Institute of the State Standardization Service of the Russian Federation, as well as in the Research Center of the Chevron-Oronite Company (France) - Europe's leading manufacturer of lubricating oils and additives, which high evaluates the Turkmen products. According to foreign experts, the Turkmen base oil on to their quality significantly excels analogs of Russian and European manufacturers.

The refinery manufactures different types of products on the base of lubricants, which are of great demand at the international markets. Qualified testing, which held at centers accredited at the Russian State Standardization Committee, showed that Turkmen commodity lubricants fully   товарные масла полностью соответствуют стандартам качества ТDS-9001-2002, а смазочные масла по качеству не уступают продукции всемирно известных компаний "Shell", "BP", "Mobil", "AGP" и других.

In this period the refinery set up serial production of five brands of basic lubricants and 28 types of commodity lubricants of different functional appointment and quality.

Thus, in the short period the Turkmenbashi complex has become the biggest lubricant producer in the region and achieved full economic independence. The volume of production, stock and level of quality of the lubricants produced here fully meet the domestic demand of Turkmenistan in highly efficient engine oil for cars and tracks, as well as agriculture technique, which operate on uneasy exploitation conditions.

Furthermore, the oil refinery giant launched serial output of commodity lubricants for aggregators, hubs and mechanisms of industrial equipment (industrial, turbine, compressor and hydraulic).

In accordance with high requirements, set for reliability and efficiency of the use of technique, exploitation characteristics of the types of fuel and lubricants are also improved.