Turkmenistan introduces technology to boost productivity of depleted gas wells

Oil&Gas Materials 22 May 2024 11:19 (UTC +04:00)
Aman Bakiyev
Aman Bakiyev
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ASHGABAT, Turkmenistan, May 22. In Turkmenistan, an innovative technology that enhances the productivity of depleted gas wells has been successfully implemented in production, Trend reports.

According to official data, this development was carried out by a group of scientists from the Natural Gas Research Institute of the Turkmengaz State Concern and the Technology Center of the Academy of Sciences of Turkmenistan.

On the basis of an agreement concluded with the Dowletabatgazchykarysh management of the Turkmengaz State Concern, a number of research and experimental works were carried out at the wells of the Gurrukbil gas condensate field.

Data from preliminary gas hydrodynamic tests showed that natural gas production from well No. 45 increased compared to the previous volume, and a positive result was obtained at the completely depleted gas well No. 46.

After studying the production characteristics of the Gurrukbil field and analyzing the results of hydrodynamic and geophysical studies of its depleted wells, scientific and technical solutions were developed, and pilot work was carried out to introduce the technology of complex hydrogen thermobarochemical effects on the gas-bearing reservoir in well No. 45.

Furthermore, the successful experience of implementing innovative technology is planned to be scaled and applied to increase the productivity of other wells in this field.

Meanwhile, the Turkmengaz State Concern estimates the nation's hydrocarbon resources at over 71 billion tons of oil equivalent.

This volume includes more than 20 billion tons of oil and more than 50 trillion cubic meters of natural gas.