Largest volume of exchange trades in Uzbekistan - in banking sector

Finance Materials 8 May 2019 12:51 (UTC +04:00)

Baku, Azerbaijan, May 8

By Fakhri Vakilov – Trend:

During April, the volume of exchange and over-the-counter trades totaled 36.56 billion soums (3,086 transactions), of which 33.40 billion soums (3,038 transactions) were related to exchange trades and 3.15 billion soums (48 transactions) - to over-the-counter trading, Trend reports via Uzbek media.

In April, 3,038 transactions in shares of 50 listed joint-stock companies were conducted at the exchange trades.

The highest trading volume in April 2019 was traditionally observed in the banking sector, where the total volume of transactions made was 29.37 billion soums with a share of 87.92 percent of the total exchange turnover (796 transactions).

Moreover, the largest number of transactions was made in the construction industry thanks to the issuer JSC Qizilqumsement, which held a general meeting of shareholders last month. As a result, buyers tried to acquire these shares to enter the registry of shareholders.

The leaders among issuers in terms of trading volume are PJSCB “Turkiston” - 24.22 billion soums, JSC “Qizilqumsement” - 3.05 billion soums and JSCB “Agrobank” - 2.51 billion soums, which is 72.52 percent, 9.12 percent and 7.51 percent of the total stock exchange turnover, respectively. The involvement of these companies in exchange trading is 23.11 percent, 0.37 percent and 0.13 percent of their authorized capital, respectively.

By the number of deals in April, following the shares of Qizilqumsement JSC (1,010 deals) goes Qo’qon mexanika zavodi JSC (498 transactions) and O’zsanoatqurilishbank JSCB (378 transactions), which makes up 33.25 percent, 16.39 percent and 12.44 percent of the total number of stock exchange transactions. The involvement of these companies in exchange trading is 0.37 percent, 1.07 percent and 0.08 percent of the authorized capital, respectively.

The most volatile stocks in April of the current year were the preferred and common shares of Andijon tajriba-sinov zavodi JSC and the preferred shares of Olmaliq kon-metallurgiya kombinati JSC.

Transactions were mainly conducted at a price of 1,800-2,000 soums per share with preferred shares of Andijon tajriba-sinov zavodi, JSC, but only two transactions were conducted on a single share at a price of 9,000 soums per share, which resulted to a high volatility of 400 percent.

The price of ordinary shares of this issuer ranged from 6,750 to 15,000 soums per share and the volatility was 122.22 percent.

Volatility of preferred shares of Olmaliq kon-metallurgiya kombinati, JSC amounted to 82.86 percent, the price of shares ranged from 14,000 to 25,600 soums per share.

In April of this year, the volume of over-the-counter trading amounted to 3.15 billion soums. A total of 48 transactions with shares of 18 different issuers were conducted.

The leader in terms of OTC trading in terms of issuers was common shares.

Surhonoziqovqatsanoati JSC accounted for 83.26 percent of the total turnover of the over-the-counter market with the amount of 2.6 billion soums.

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