Canadians Rank iPhone as 8th Most Wanted Christmas Present

ICT Materials 5 October 2007 14:30

( Mobile ) - I realize that it's only the beginning of October, but mistletoe and jingle bells are just around the corner. Solutions Research Group recently surveyed 1000 Canadians on what they want for Christmas and the iPhone -- which isn't technically available in Canada -- ranked 8th on the list.

When the iPhone hit up AT& T earlier this year, rumors were running rampant as to whether the touchtastic cell phone would make into the land of maple syrup. People said that Rogers Wireless would nab the iPhone in time for the holiday season, but a "disagreement between Rogers and Apple" has caused quite the delay. It probably has to do with the price of wireless data.

Looking up and down the top ten most wanted Christmas presents by Canadians, they're all pretty tech-oriented. And they're all kind of expensive too.

1. Tv HD

2. Digital camera

3. Laptop

4. Cellphone

5. desktop PC

6. Video Camera

7. Nintendo Wii

8. Apple iPhone

9. Blu-Ray or HD DVD

10. Gps