Azerbaijani company's director talks HR problems for cybersecurity

ICT Materials 1 February 2021 16:31 (UTC +04:00)
Azerbaijani company's director talks HR problems for cybersecurity

BAKU, Azerbaijan, Feb.1

By Sadraddin Aghjayev - Trend:

The main solutions to cyber security problems are human resources, Orkhan Sadili, director of Azerbaijani Cybero company told Trend.

According to Sadili, specialists of the company detect vulnerabilities not through tools and equipment, but through manual code analysis, and provide recommendations on how to solve these problems.

"Software isn’t always able to detect the vulnerabilities: it either doesn’t cope with them, or is overloaded with false- positive and false-negative data. For this reason, we don’t recommend conducting security control or audit when using technical solution. The approach should be comprehensive," he noted.

The director pointed out that the Azerbaijani information space has very diverse levels of protection from cyber threats.

“There is a serious need to raise awareness in this area in order to raise the level of vigilance of our citizens. In this direction, it’s possible to highlight various areas, both very dangerous and very highly protected, which differ to varying degrees from each other by industry,” also noted Sadili. “In general, the protection of information systems is carried out more completely than the protection of the data of the people themselves."

He further said that the company regularly warns Azerbaijani citizens about threats on its social media pages, conducts public awareness and training.

“We focus on the issues in this area by publishing annual reports. The owners of the relevant information systems are informed about the threats identified and the recommendations for their elimination detected by our Cybero specialists. Nevertheless, we regularly conduct both paid and free social education events in the area of ​​cyber security," noted the director.

However, according to Sadili, in light of the quarantine restrictions, Cybero is experiencing difficulties in material support for its employees and the Cyber Security Center.

"We operate in limited conditions and hope for government support, which will allow us to continue our mission in Azerbaijan with a more serious approach in this area," he added.


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