Some quarantine restrictions to be removed in Uzbekistan

Uzbekistan Materials 2 September 2020 11:59
Some quarantine restrictions to be removed in Uzbekistan

BAKU, Azerbaijan, Sept. 2

By Klavdiya Romakayeva - Trend:

Starting from September 5, 2020, catering facilities (restaurants, cafes, tea houses) are allowed in Uzbekistan, Trend reports citing to Norma.uz information and legal portal in Uzbekistan.

In order to reduce quarantine requirements in Uzbekistan, in accordance with the instructions of President of Uzbekistan Shavkat Mirziyoyev, Republican Special Commission made changes to the quarantine mode.

Thus, from September 5, the activities of public catering facilities, cultural and entertainment facilities (theaters and cinemas only), the activities of attractions in parks, the performance of collective prayers (Friday and Saturday-Sunday religious services) in religious organizations are allowed.

The activities of pre-school educational organizations and general education schools in a traditional and remote form is allowed from September 2020 in accordance with the opinions of parents and proposals of local councils of deputies.

At the same time, these facilities must comply with the following sanitary requirements:

  • constant monitoring of the state of health (regular measurement of body temperature) of employees and children (pupils), excluding them from classes with a temperature of 37°C and above or with signs of infection;
  • employees must wear a medical mask and maintain social distance;
  • strict adherence to sanitary and hygienic and disinfection requirements, regular disinfection of premises, equipping entrances and exits with pyrometers, antiseptic agents and disinfection mats.

The following quarantine restrictions remain after September 5:

  • social distancing (2 meters) in public places, wearing a medical mask, taking strict measures (imposing fines) in case of violation of sanitary requirements;
  • citizens with a body temperature of 37 °C and above or having signs of infection are not admitted to public places;
  • equipping the entrances and exits of supermarkets and other large stores with pyrometers, disinfection mats, antiseptics, monitoring the body temperature of each citizen at the entrance, maintaining social distance, wearing a medical mask, and also providing citizens with free medical gloves upon entering these facilities;
  • announcing a sanitary day once a week for sanitizing in the markets for goods and construction products, as well as in large stores selling goods;
  • ban on holding massive events, meetings in government agencies, organizations and at enterprises, and, if necessary, to hold meetings via video conferencing;
  • ban on the activities of wedding restaurants, nightclubs, discos, spas and massage parlors, karaoke, billiard, hookah bars and computer game centers;
  • holding family celebrations, weddings, rituals and ceremonies in the houses and courtyards of citizens in an amount of no more than 30 people (only close relatives and other relatives living in this territory) with strict observance of sanitary and hygienic requirements;

Citizens aged 65 and over and people with chronic diseases are advised stay in self-isolation.