Iran mounts missiles on hovercrafts

Iran Materials 23 April 2011 14:43 (UTC +04:00)

A senior Iranian naval commander says the country's Army has for the first time equipped the Navy's hovercrafts with long-range missiles, reported PressTV.

"Iran is the only country in the world that has fitted its navy's hovercrafts with surface-to-surface missiles," IRNA quoted Rear Admiral Seyyed Mahmoud Moussavi, a top Navy commander, as saying on Saturday.

Rear Admiral Moussavi attached special importance to the installation of such missile systems on the amphibious craft and pointed out, "Regarding the hovercraft's special qualities, including high velocity and versatility..., they can operate in various coastal and naval areas."

The senior naval commander also referred to the 'comprehensive' researches in the country for the mass production of hovercrafts.

"The deployment of these hovercrafts has boosted the deterrence power of the Islamic Republic's Navy and substantially increased our capacities due to their high speeds," Rear Admiral Moussavi concluded.