Iran's Ardabil Province trade with neighbor countries increases

Business Materials 24 January 2020 12:30 (UTC +04:00)
Iran's Ardabil Province trade with neighbor countries increases

TEHRAN, Iran, Jan.24


Iran's Ardabil Province trade with neighbor countries including Azerbaijan and Georgia during current Iranian year (began March 21, 2019) has increased, Behrouz Pour Soleiman, vice president of Ardabil Chamber of Commerce, told Trend.

"The export to neighbor countries in first nine months of current Iranian year reached $87 million, while the value of export in last Iranian year [began March 21,2018] was $57 million," Soleiman said.

"This is a significant growth; meanwhile, the export volume has decreased, and the fact is that our export goods have been valued three times more than their real value in the customs," the vice president added. "This is one of the problems for exporters, and the value of export goods in customs should be reviewed."

"In turn, the value of import from neighbor countries grew from $17 last year to $50 million in 2019, while transit of goods via Ardabil Province hasn't changed much in monetary terms. Its value amounted $634 million this year and to $636 million last year, that indicates no particular change," Soleiman said.

"Export via border markets in last Iranian year was $43 million, while this Iranian year it grew to $58 million, which shows 32 percent increase in terms of value and 4 percent increase in terms of volume," the vice president added.

"Azerbaijan and Georgia were the major destination countries for export. Glass, mirror, potato, plastic products, metal, construction materials, biscuit and steel products were the main export items to these countries," Soleiman said.

"In turn, the province has imported cotton, paper, machinery, heat exchangers, cotton thread and basic material for Ardabil textile factories from Turkey and Tajikistan," he said.