Russian Experts Forecast War between Georgia and Abkhazia in Sept

Georgia Materials 19 June 2008 17:53

Georgia, Tbilisi, 19 June / corr. Trend N.Kirtzkhalia / A Russian military expert forecasts war between Georgia and Abkhazia in September of 2008 unless the provocations are stopped, Pavel Felgenhauer, a commentator of Novaya Gazeta newspaper, who participated in the conference of experts and political scientists on the Abkhazian problem, said on 19 June.

"The provocations in the conflict region may turn into a war," he said while commenting on the arrest of Russian peacemakers carrying anti-tank missiles illegally by Georgian police on 17 June.

A high-ranking representative of the Russian Defense Ministry said that they cannot ensure that the peacemakers will not shoot at the police next time, whilst it can lead to large-scale armed incident.

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