Lebanon not to drag into war in Gaza: minister

Israel Materials 6 January 2009 02:29 (UTC +04:00)

Lebanese Information Minister Tareq Mitri told foreign press Monday that all factions in the Lebanese cabinet insist on not dragging the country into a war with Israel, reported Xinhua .

"There is a united stand in the government which insists on stability in the country," Mitri said.

He added that there was no "sign that Hezbollah would jeopardize to drag Lebanon into this conflict."

He said the Lebanese cabinet which includes Hezbollah ministers clearly announced that it does not want another war with Israel.

However, he warned that the longer the international community fails to reach a solution to the situation in Gaza, the more there will be anger and hatred "which could lead to more violence, and could probably provoke a reaction from Hezbollah."

Mitri pointed to the stability and control inside the Palestinian refugee camps in Lebanon despite the anger which they are living through.

Over 400 thousand Palestinian refugees live in 12 camps across Lebanon. Their rival factions have been united recently after the Israeli attacks on Gaza.

Hezbollah, which fought a devastating war with Israel in 2006, has limited its activities to demonstrations and moral support speeches to the Palestinians in Gaza.