President of Ukraine Tasks Law-Enforcement Bodies to Search Reasons of Delays on Election Data

Other News Materials 1 October 2007 20:08

Ukraine, Kiev /corr. Trend Z.Novosotviski / The President of Ukraine, Victor Yushenka, tasked the law-enforcement bodies to immediately find out the reasons of delays in the process of Vote- during the extraordinary parliamentary elections.

"I am concerned about the delays in counting the votes in the eastern and south regions of Ukraine, particulary in Donetsk, Odessa and Krim Autonomous Republic," Yushenka said.

He requires mainly the Central Election Commission and Prosecutor General's Office explaining the reasons.

Due to the recent information, the least possible votes have been collected and sent from Krim (55.78%), Lugan region (56.82%, cities of Kiev (57.58%) and Sevestapol (52.40%), as well as from Odessa (66.41%) and Donetsk (67.39%).