Kiwis leaving for Australia in record numbers

Other News Materials 21 July 2008 05:47 (UTC +04:00)

New Zealanders are emigrating to neighbouring Australia at the highest rate in nearly 20 years, according to official figures released Monday which showed a net outflow of 31,900 left permanently in the 12 months to June, dpa reported.

Although New Zealanders and Australians can travel freely between each country, this was the biggest gap between permanent arrivals and departures since 1989, when it totalled 32,000, Statistics New Zealand said.

New Zealand still received more immigrants than departures overall in the June year, with a net gain of 4,700.

New settlers came mainly from Britain (7,300), India (4,400), the Philippines (3,500), Fiji (2,600), South Africa (2,400), China (2,200) and Germany (1,600).