New EU sanctions will be fruitless, says Iranian spokesman

Other News Materials 10 August 2008 15:32 (UTC +04:00)

The new sanctions by the European Union against Iran will be fruitless, the Iranian government spokesman said Sunday.

"Some countries like to use new sanctions but these political efforts and psychological propaganda will eventually be fruitless," official news agency IRNA quoted Gholam-Hossein Elham as saying after this week's cabinet session.

The European Union on Friday brought into legal force last March's United Nations Security Council sanctions on Iran in the dispute over its nuclear programme, the dpa reported.

An announcement published in the EU's official journal ordered the bloc's 27 member states not to enter into new commitments for grants, financial assistance and concessional loans to the Iranian government, but to continuously monitor the dealings of their own banks with Iranian institutions, especially Bank Saderat.

It also mandated member states inspect cargoes carried by Iran Air Cargo and the Islamic Republic of Iran Shipping Line, as long as there are "reasonable grounds" for suspecting that they are carrying nuclear-related cargoes.

" Iran has now the necessary infrastructure and strategic tactics to confront the sanctions," the spokesman said.

"The fact is, however, that Iran's firm and transparent position (in the nuclear dispute) will not change with sanctions and threats," Elham added.

Iran has yes to give a clear reply to the latest proposal by the world powers, to either accept suspension of uranium enrichment and avail itself of Western political and financial incentives, or reject suspension again and face new sanctions.

Although Tehran still wants negotiations with the five UN veto powers plus Germany to find a settlement to the dispute, the Islamic state harshly rejects any ultimatum or deadline.