Young children should have their own seats on airplanes

Other News Materials 9 September 2008 08:46 (UTC +04:00)

( dpa ) - It may be more expensive, but young children are best seated alone and securely fastened with a seatbelt during flights.

Sitting on a parent's lap is not safe enough, warns the Working Group More Safety for Children (BAG). Similar to car journeys, children need a special security belt.

So-called loop belts, which can be used to secure a child when sitting on their parents' lap, are not a solution. A study by the German Transportation Ministry showed that in case of an emergency landing, children ran the risk of being crushed by their parents, reported BAG.

The preferred alternative is to secure the child in a safety seat approved by the airline. If the airline does not provide such a seat, parents should bring one along.