Swedish nuclear plant scolded for posting cleaners as security guards

Other News Materials 30 October 2008 21:43 (UTC +04:00)

Sweden's nuclear watchdog has criticized the managers of an atomic power plant for posting cleaners and janitors to guard the facility when an alarm system was partially out of order, the Associated Press reported.

The Swedish Radiation Safety Authority on Thursday called the incident at the Oskarshamn plant "serious" since the workers had no training as security guards.

Plant spokesman Anders Osterberg says 20 to 25 cleaning and facility maintenance staff were deployed for a week around the plant's perimeter earlier this month. Working in shifts, they were posted to guard areas where a new alarm system's motion sensors had malfunctioned.

The Oskarshamn plant, 210 miles ( 340 kilometers) south of Stockholm, has three reactors and provides around 10 percent of Sweden's electricity.