Turkey not ready for war with Syria

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Trend Arabic news service head Rufiz Hafizoglu

There is nothing new in military operations that were held by Syrian air forces on the border with Turkey in recent months, and the strong reaction of Ankara officials to these operations.

It looked like fearing the military potential of Ankara the Syrian army will stop military operations, after issuance of a mandate on October 4 by Turkish Parliament, to carry out cross-border military operations against Syria. However, this didn't happen. On the contrary, the Syrian army's fighting on the Turkish border against the opposition has continued unabated. .

In general, the possibility of war between Syria and Turkey was discussed ever since the Turkish military aircraft was shot in the Syrian airspace. But Ankara chose to act cautiously in this matter.

The harshest statement of Ankara were Defense Minister Ismet Yildirim's words: "From now on we will not wait for guidance from the government on the Syrian issue."

On Thursday morning, the Turkish press reported that military operations have been reinstated in the border areas.

But Syrian officials are well aware of the fact that despite the harsh statements, Turkey will again show restraint, as any military intervention in Syria could lead to serious consequences for Turkey. This is why the Syrian army will further continue such military operations.

Despite the support of the military intervention by liberal Islamists, represented in the government, and the nationalists of the country, opening of a new front in the southern borders of Turkey can cause a protest of not so weak Republican People's Party of Turkey (CHP), and lead to a serious political tension in the country, which is not in the interests of Ankara.

Another reason has to do with the Turkish army. It is not obvious that in case of war, the country will be the winner. Turkey currently sends a significant part of its army to fight the terrorists, and in case of war with Syria, it will move its troops to participate in military operations. This, in turn, can lead to a weakening of the fight against terrorism in the country.

In addition, in recent years, Ankara also fears the weapons of Iraq. Turkish officials are well aware that, given the chilly relations between Baghdad and Ankara, weapons, acquired by Iraq for its defense, can easily be transferred to Syria.

Another, no less important factor is that the events in Syria are already out of control. Tension on the Syrian-Israeli border in recent days contributes to the development of the Syrian crisis in another line. Even Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said that there are very dangerous Jihad groups for Israel in Syria. The Prime Minister also noted that the Israeli government will give a decisive answer to the aggression of Syria.

Despite the fact that the statement of Netanyahu is regarded as made for the purpose of self-defense of the country, the Syrian opposition said this step means the open support of Bashar al-Assad.

The statement of the Free Syrian Army says it has no intention to fight with Israel and the international community is going to present the tension on the border and the position of the Assad regime in the country as a regional war.

If carefully observe the events in Syria, it becomes clear that a number of countries in the region are more interested in maintaining the power of Bashar al-Assad in Syria. And we can say that Turkey is in a state of isolation in this matter in the region.

All this gives grounds to say that Turkey is not ready for war with Syria, so the Turkish army will be limited by the protection from a new aggression.

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