Britain hails Iraq's nomination of PM-designate

Photo: Britain hails Iraq's nomination of PM-designate / Arab World

British Foreign Secretary Philip Hammond on Monday hailed Haider Al-Abadi's nomination as Iraqi prime minister designate, calling for quick formation of an inclusive government, Xinhua reported.

"I welcome the announcement today by Iraq's President, Dr Fouad Massoum, that Dr Haider Al-Abadi has been nominated as Prime Minister Designate. I commend the efforts of President Massoum in carrying out his constitutional duties," Hammond said Monday upon hearing the news of the announcement.

"It is now vital that a new and fully inclusive government be formed quickly in order to respond to the crisis in Iraq," he urged.

He said Britain is clear that efforts to ensure the protection of civilians and urgently alleviate the humanitarian situation "must ultimately be led by Iraq's leaders."

"I therefore call on Iraq's political leaders to work with the Prime Minister Designate to swiftly form a new Council of Ministers that is representative of all the peoples of Iraq and that can promote national unity and deliver security," he noted.

The foreign secretary added that Britain is working with international partners to deliver "humanitarian assistance" to those in need across Iraq.

The Iraqi National Alliance, a Shiite organization, on Monday nominated al-Abadi, the deputy speaker of Parliament, for the post of prime minister to replace Nouri al-Maliki, a local Iraqi television reported.

After that, Masoum asked al-Abadi to form the next government

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