Reports on destruction of Armenian cemetery in Julfa are groundless, Azeri scientist assures

Azerbaijan Materials 29 December 2005 17:49 (UTC +04:00)

The reports spread by Armenians on the destruction of the Armenian cemeteries in Julfa are groundless, as Armenians did not live in Julfa, and there cannot be an Armenian cemetery. A regional correspondent of Trend reports quoting Ph.D in History, a member of the Nakhchivan Branch of the Azerbaijan National Academy of Sciences, a teacher of the Institute of Historic Ethnography and Archeology, Veli Bakhshaliyev.

According to Bakhshaliyev, the researches carried out over the past few years in Julfa testify that our grandfathers were settled in these areas in 4th-3rd millennium B.C. Historic monuments in the villages Mahabbir, Gaynuk, Amaniyar also prove that Julfa was the place of the Turkish pollutions, where the ancient taboos Juls lived. Moreover, the name of Julfa is linked namely with these taboo.

Here was the Fol Gubernia, where the Turkish taboos lived. Therefore, the Armenians do not any argument to assert it neither from historic point of view, nor ethnic,” Bakhshaliyev said.

According to the scientist, the Azerbaijani territory belonged to ancient Albans and was a Christian country. “Any a crest, Armenians try to privatize the place. The key objective is to distract the attention of the international organizations, simultaneously conducting a fight for territory,” he said.

Head of the Statistic Department of Julfa District, Abulfaz Gafarov, said that in 1970s a total of 15-16 Armenian families lived in Julfa, while they were buried in Armenia.

According to old residents of Julfa District - 70-year old Huseynov Najafgulu and 80-year Pikekhanum, they have never seen or heard on residence of Armenians in Julfa even from their fathers, or grandfathers.