Our Chief Aim is to Establish Links between Azerbaijani and Kyrgyz Parliaments: Vice Speaker of Kyrgyzstan

Politics Materials 18 June 2008 19:30 (UTC +04:00)

Kyrgyzstan, Bishkek, 18 June / Trend corr R. Mashadihasanli/ The interview of deputy chairman of the parliament of Kyrgyzstan (Jogorku Kenesha) Cholpon Bayekova with Trend agency. 

Question: Are you pleased with the level of the inter-parliament cooperation between Kyrgyzstan and Azerbaijan? What issues will be discussed during Your visit to Baku?

Answer: I want first of all to mention that the cooperation between Kyrgyz and Azerbaijani parliaments are no not on high level. We have not maintained relations for almost last ten days. The mutual official visits have ceased so far. The former President Asgar Akayev visited Azerbaijan for the last time in 1994. Later only one or two officials paid visits. The bilateral meetings between the parliaments were a rear case. We have met only with the Ambassador Plenipotentiary and Extraordinary of Azerbaijan to Kyrgyzstan Arif Agayev in Bishkek. Unfortunately, the bilateral inter-parliament visits and meeting have not been held yet.

I am paying one-day visit to Baku and I will take part in the events dedicated to the 90th anniversary of the Azerbaijani parliament where I will congratulate my counterparts on this occasion. We will also discuss establishment of cooperation which is very important for our courtiers today. Our chief aim is to establish links between Azerbaijani and Kyrgyz parliaments. 

Question: What do you think of development of relations between the two states and are there any principle problems which lack mutual understanding? What is the position of Azerbaijan among the South Caucasus states in the foreign policy of the official Bishkek?

Answer: I do not think there are serious problem which lack misunderstanding from both parties. On the contrary, we have always considered Azerbaijan to be our fraternal country. The Kyrgyz parliament took an active part in the peaceful settlement of the Karabakh problem. We can only have fraternal and friendly relations with the South Caucasus countries. As to Azerbaijan, we have common roots, religion and language. It shows itself in our attitude toward the Azerbaijanis living in Kyrgyzstan. We happened to be not only neighbours, but also close relations.

Question: Recently the Russian State Duma (parliament) called on to announce Russian language as official state language. What do you think of this call?

Answer: This issue has been solved in Kyrgyzstan and the Russian language has been announced as an official language. 

Question: On the initiative of Kazakhstan's President Nursultan Nazarbayev, the work over creation of the Parliamentary Assembly of Turkic-speaking countries is underway. What is the work being carried out? Is there any progress on joining Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan to the Parliamentary Assembly, which initially refused from entering?

Answer: I cannot comment on Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan's joining the Assembly, because our other Vice-Speaker Isabekov participated in the meeting. We like Kazakh President's proposal and creation of the Parliamentary Assembly of Turkic-speaking countries can give an impetus to improvement and development of mutual relations in all fields. Serious laws must be developed for cooperation in economy and law and the proposal must find its solution. So, I do not see serious problems with that.

Question: A range of countries in the region many times suggested establishment of a unified Turkic language which will enable further unification of Turkic-speaking countries. Is the idea feasible at the moment?

Answer: Implementation of the proposal is not possible at the moment, because we have problems with the Kyrgyz language in the country. It is known that the Kyrgyz language is an ancient Turkic language. The language was assimilated during the Soviet period. There were attempts to annihilate the language, to make people to forget it. Now, Kyrgyzstan has the Law on State Language and there is a State Commission for popularization and improvement of the position, status of the Kyrgyz language in the public. The issue was reflected in the Constitution of Kyrgyzstan. Now, we are trying to make our language take a stable position. First, we must solve our language problems then to prevent difficulties in creation of unified Turkic language. Language is an inseparable cultural part of our life and we must work nonstop in this field. If we learn one another's languages, that will definitely lead to spiritual and cultural enrichment of our countries. Possibly, it is too early to create a unified Turkic language. Bit I sincerely believe the idea will be implemented in future. I would like to complete my thought citing President Kurmanbek Bakiyev: "Economic relations between countries are not permanent, while cultural links are constant.'

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