FM of Dagestan killed with gun of special service: source (UPDATE-2)

Politics Materials 6 June 2009 10:56 (UTC +04:00)

Internal Minister of Dagestan Adilgerey Magomedtagirov was killed by gun, which belongs to Special Units and Special Forces, as well as used in local special operations, a senior source in the South Federal District told RIA Novosti on Saturday. According to the source, organizers of the crime studied minister's routine, which means the leakage of information from the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Dagestan.

The Minister, known for his intransigent stance against terrorists and holding numerous large-scale special operations against them, died as a result of the assassination attempt during a wedding celebration in a banquet hall in the southern part of Makhachkala.

Magomedtagirov headed the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Dagestan since 1998.
"Special nine-millimetre cartridge was used. This cartridge is able to pierce body armour and kill a man from distance," the source said.

There were opened twenty shots, while only five bullets were found on the scene of the incident. Snipers used weapons with silencers.

"This proves that the crime was committed by killers, but not by militants. Killers shot policemen, who left the banquet room," the source said.

Several tens of shells were found on the scene of the incident, which were used by guard of the Ministry to defend state officials.

The attempted at the minister was committed at a wedding celebration in a banquet hall "Marrakesh" in the south of Makhachkala. According to preliminary data, a sniper fired while the minister and several senior officers of the Ministry came out of the cafe on the street. from the upper floors or roofs of the nine storey building. The incident occurred at about 13.00.

"Magomedtagirov died as a result of heart shot on the way to hospital, senior physician of the Republic Orthopedy-Traumatology Center said.

Chief of the rear subdivision of the Internal Ministry Abdurazak Abakarov also died.

Six officials were wounded, including father of bride Magomedov. Physicians are doing utmost to save the life of other four wounded persons from the wedding. One more man was treated and released from the hospital.

The crime has been committed due to the professional activity of Magomedtagirov, according to initial investigation.

Experienced officers of the criminal investigation department from Moscow sent to the scene of the incident, the source told RIA Novosti.

Russian President Dmitry Medvedev gave instructions to General Prosecutor Yuriy Chaika to control the investigation, and Russian Internal Minister Rashid Nurgaliyev to return Moscow in order to control the case personally.