Problem Related to Name  of Congress of World Azerbaijanis Not Addressed Yet: Chairman (video)

Society Materials 25 August 2008 14:55 (UTC +04:00)

Azerbaijan, Baku, 25 August/ Trend , corr S. Babayeva/ The problem related to the name of Congress of World Azerbaijanis has not been addressed yet and chairman of Organization Sabir Rustamkhanli accused the organization with the same name of disrespect to ward the name of his organization.

"I am sorry about the efforts of Pasha Qalbinur and Vaqif Sultanl, who describe themselves as professors and intellectuals, who try to cast doubts over the name of CWA. It is inadmissible to use the name of CWA," Rustamkhanli said in a briefing on 25August.

CWA divided into two parts again and 11 members out of 16 members of the Board of Chairmen decided to remove chairman Golamrza Sabri Tabrizi from his post and elected Sabir Rustamkhanli chairman. The remaining part of the members supported the chairmanship of Golamrza Sabri Tabrizi.

On 6 to 8 June some 300 representatives and guests from 25 countries took part in the CWA meeting in Keln presided over by Rustamkhanli. Changes were made to the regulations and program of the organization. The co-chairmanship institute will be established in CWA with Sabir Rustamkhanli and Firudin Parvizniya being elected co-chairman. Golamrza Sabri Tabrizi considers Keln meeting to be illegitimate.

On 11 June, Rustamkhanli stated in a press conference on the results of the conference in Keln that all those pretending to borrow the name of CWA will stand before the court. .

Changes were made to the regulations of the organization in the conference presided over Tabrizi in the European Parliament on 21 to 23 June. According to changes, Pasha Galbinur has been elected chairman from North Azerbaijan and chairman of DCWA Mammadrza Hashti from the South Azerbaijan.

According to Rustamkhanli, Congress of World Azerbaijanis that he presides over is well-known in both Azerbaijan and abroad as a true CWA. "The conference of CWA was held in Keln with the consent of 11 of 17 members of Board of Directors. Later an organization called democratic CWA held a conference of 36 people in Belgium and they borrowed the name of CWA. Only 3 members of the Board of Directors took part in this conference. This organization can function under different name related to South. There is no need to establish a second organization with the same name," CWA co-chairman said.

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