Cholera causes Iranian farmers' loss

Society Materials 19 September 2011 15:41

Azerbaijan , Baku, Sept. 19/Trend D. Khatinoglu/

Selling vegetables has been stopped on Tehran markets, reported Mehr quoting Head of Tehran Fruit and Vegetable Association Hosseini Mohajer.

"Following the reports about cholera epidemic, citizens stopped buying and eating vegetables," Mohajer said. "However, market became better recently and people are buying vegetable partially."

Mohajer underlined that vegetables season is going to finish, but farmers have not sold their products yet.

Objecting the use of wastewater in the south Tehran fields, Mohajer said that watering with wastewater instead of urban water is not economical and it causes growth of waste grasses.

"There is no any report about the exact amount of farmer's losses, but still the Ministry of Agriculture should protect farmers," he added.

Earlier, the official of the Iranian Ministry of Health and Education, Mohamad Mehdi Gouya, announced that selling vegetables to restaurants is banned in Iran because of cholera pandemic originated in agricultural fields.