ADB stands out as innovative leader in transformation - US expert

Economy Materials 3 May 2024 17:59 (UTC +04:00)
ADB stands out as innovative leader in transformation - US expert
Laman Zeynalova
Laman Zeynalova
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TBILISI, Georgia, May 3. The Asian Development Bank (ADB) is a frontrunner in transformational innovation, Dean Ad Interim and Professor of Energy and Environmental Policy, The Fletcher School, Tufts University, Kelly Sims Gallagher said, Trend reports.

She made the remark at panel discussions on the topic "ADB's Evolution Roadmap: Update to Strategy 2030" within the framework of annual meeting of the ADB in Tbilisi today.

"ADB distinguishes itself as an innovative frontrunner in this domain by confronting the intricacies of the transformation it endeavors to accomplish. Infrequently do external disruptions induce transformation. The resolution of internal matters is nearly always contingent upon internal efforts, and I contend that ADB's decision to confront certain internal concerns exemplifies genuine bravery. Considering how ADB operates within a country was the initial impetus for the joint program's activities," the expert explained.

Gallagher emphasized that ADB has many political and financial solutions.

"However, I feel that at the heart of this problem are people. People are rooted in habits; they behave as they have throughout their lives, and I believe the purpose of the joint program was to consider how ADB may think differently, collaborate despite fragmentation, and develop new answers. It takes bravery to step back and think about it, and we wanted to offer ADB and the teams a chance to succeed in this quest.

In order to tackle this issue, the program aimed to combine climate literacy with leadership training and transformative change. Another goal was to foster a culture of collaboration and systemic thinking within ADB, where new ways of working were practiced; ultimately, success was determined by teamwork," she added.

To note, the 57th Annual Meeting, scheduled for May 2-5, revolves around the subject "Bridge to the Future."

The first meeting of the Board of Governors will be held on May 4. The opening will mark the official start of the annual meeting. It is an event that will be attended by distinguished guests from the host country. ADB President Masatsugu Asakawa and Lasha Khutsishvili, Minister of Finance of Georgia and Chairman of the ADB Board of Governors, will make statements.

The Annual Meeting is an opportunity for ADB governors to address development issues and challenges facing the Asia-Pacific region. Several thousand participants regularly join the meeting, including finance ministers, central bank governors, senior government officials, representatives of the private sector, international and civil society organizations, youth, academia, and the media.

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