Oil production from new platform of Neft Dashlary to start in 1st quarter

Oil&Gas Materials 23 January 2006 19:11 (UTC +04:00)

The fist stage of the oil production from new platform 1887 of the Neft Dashlary field is supposed to start in the 1st quarter of 2006. Azneft Oil and Gas Production Association (PA) intends to connect the four wells drilled at this part of the field to the foundation of the platform and start production by this time, the State Oil Company of Azerbaijan (SOCAR) told Trend.

Daily production rate of each well comprises from 25 tons to 30 tons. Total production rate of the wells will make around 120 tons per day. The Company supposes to drill 32 wells of 2000-2200 meters from the new platform over the exploitation period. Production rate of each well is expected to be from 50 tons to 60 tons oil per day. Drilling from new platform will be carried out during 4 or 5 years. Oil production will increase from 2,300 tons to 2,450 tons per day in the 1st year of exploitation of the platform.

Neft Dashlary is developed from 1949. Over 173m tons of oil has been produced from the fields Neft Dashlary and Palchig Tapasi over the exploitation period. At present daily oil production from 460 operating wells comprises around 2,300 tons of oil. Residual reserves of the field are estimated at 30m tons.