U.S. Ambassador: Linking invitation of Tony Blair as a consultant and possibility of Libyan scenario in Kazakhstan illogical

Kazakhstan Materials 2 November 2011 12:55 (UTC +04:00)

Kazakhstan, Astana, Nov.2 / Trend, A. Maratov /

Linking involvement of former UK Prime Minister Tony Blair as a consultant with the possibility of creating a Libyan scenario in Kazakhstan is illogical, U.S. Ambassador to Kazakhstan Kenneth Fairfax believes.

"Everyone knows that Tony Blair is a recognised politician who has played a historic role in formation of the modern world. It is very easy to understand why not only Kazakhstan, but also other countries want to benefit from his experience," Mr. Fairfax said on Wednesday in an interview with Trend.

Recently some Russian websites published reports titled 'Kazakhstan is prepared for Libyan scenario', in which the author linked the possible undesirable developments in Kazakhstan with Tony Blair's involvement as a consultant by this country's authorities.

"The question is that before the Libyan events, Mr.Blair was a financial adviser to Muammar Gaddafi and was even considered a 'friend of the family' and now, the experience gained in Libya, will be creatively applied in Kazakhstan," one Russian website reported.

Mr. Fairfax said that Tony Blair has also worked as a consultant in the U.S. He went on: "Actually, the invitation of former Prime Minister Tony Blair as a consultant is Kazakhstan's prerogative. If the authorities want to invite him as an advisor, they have the right to take such a decision."

He said drawing parallels between Tony Blair's involvement and possible development of the Libyan scenario in Kazakhstan is inappropriate and deprived of any logic.

"I do not see any connection. Anyone who knows Libya and Gaddafi's history can agree such a scenario is more distant for Kazakhstan," Mr. Fairfax said.

He said over the 20 years of its independence, Kazakhstan has been able to achieve considerable successes in its development. It is universally recognised as a leader in the Central Asian region.

Earlier, Kazakh Foreign Ministry expressed its view regarding involvement of former British Prime Minister as a consultant.

"In an era of globalisation, involvement with experienced foreign consultants is universally recognized world practice. A number of prominent foreign government officials responded to the Kazakh government's offer to provide advice on economic policy, on issues of public administration and international policy. They include former heads of state, including former Prime Minister Tony Blair," Kazakh Foreign Ministry's Representative Altay Abibullayev told journalists last week.

The Daily Telegraph reported earlier that the Kazakh authorities hired former British Prime Minister Tony Blair for advice on economic reforms. According to the report, Blair will earn nearly eight million pounds a year.