Uzbek BMB Trade Group shares data on exports of agricultural products

Uzbekistan Materials 22 February 2023 14:21 (UTC +04:00)
Nazrin Babayeva
Nazrin Babayeva
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BAKU, Azerbaijan, February 22. Uzbekistan's BMB Export-Import Global, a subsidiary of BMB Trade Group, has exported agricultural products worth $2.5 million in January 2023, Trend reports via the company’s statement.

According to the message, the company has exported products such as grapes, pomegranates, radishes, cabbage in different varieties, lemons, cucumbers, tomatoes, dates, apples, greens, zucchini, as well as beans.

The main importers of Uzbekistan’s agricultural products were China, Kazakhstan, Pakistan, Russia, as well as the countries of the Persian Gulf.

BMB TRADE GROUP is an investment and consulting company with 40 experts and analysts. The company includes enterprises for the production, processing, storage, and export of agricultural products.

Meanwhile, Uzbekistan exported 67,500 tons of fruit and vegetables worth $58,400 million in January 2023. The largest share in the export fell on cabbage – 8,800 tons, followed by grapes – 7,700 tons, dried grapes – 7,500 tons, mug beans – 6,300 tons, tomato – 3,300 tons, pomegranate – 3,200 tons, prunes – 2,200 tons, and peanut – 900 tons.

Earlier in 2022, after a series of certification procedures and checks, BMB TRADE GROUP received permission to export Uzbek saffron to the US markets. Saffron grown in Uzbekistan has a quality mark in the first category. It is exported to the European and Asian countries.