Turkish PM: Holding of Pre-Term Elections in Turkey Irrelevant

Iran Materials 30 October 2006 19:56 (UTC +04:00)

Turkey`s Prime Minister, Rajjib Teyyub Erdogan, pointed out that Turkey has achieved significant success since the elections held 4 years ago, Trend Correspondent to Ankara reports. According to the Turkish Prime Minister, up to now, no Government in the Country has managed to exist as long as the present one. And this, in the Prime Minister`s opinion, is evident that no Government is able to exist for very long without the support of the Nation.

According to Mr. Erdogan, a new Turkish President is expected to be selected by the Milli Majlis of the Country in April, 2007. As soon as the President of the Country is chosen, the Parliament of the Country will announce details of holding new general elections within the country.