No arm against Hamas: Mahmoud Abbas

Israel Materials 26 December 2008 11:42 (UTC +04:00)

Mahmoud Abbas, the chairman of the Palestinian Administration, urged Hamas to negotiate with Fatah on restoration of national unity, Ynet reported.

Abbas regards Hamas and is supporters as a part of the Palestinian nation despite their views and urged the Islamic Resistance Movement to truce. Hamas broke up the last dialogue without any reasons, he said.

The Palestinian leader strongly rejects use of arm against Hamas and regards dialogue as only opportunity to achieve restoration of national unity.

In Ramallah, officials of the Palestinian Autonomy (PA) stated that Abbas is going to prolong his office term (by Jan. 9) unilaterally. Abbas enlisted support of countries of the Arabian State Leagues. During a meeting in Cairo, foreign ministers of the Arabian countries convinced the President of the PA to maintain power, until agreement will be reached with Hamas on holding new elections. Moreover, leaders of the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO) assembled in Ramallah and supported Abbas's plan. They stated that the United States and majority of the European Union (EU) countries promised to support Abbas.

However, Hamas said that it would not recognize Abbas as the President after expiration of his four-year office term and declare Abdul Aziz Dweik, the speaker of the Palestinian Legislative Council of Hamas, acting President of the PA by realization of new election, which should be held within 60 days. "President Abbas will be in power after Jan. 9 because of will of Arabians and Palestinians, one of senior officials of the PA said. At present it is impossible to hold free elections, as Gaza Strip is captured by Hamas."