Naomi Campbell brands 'racist' airline 'disgusting'

Other News Materials 21 June 2008 21:30 (UTC +04:00)
Naomi Campbell brands 'racist' airline 'disgusting'

Supermodel NAOMI CAMPBELL has lashed out at British Airways (BA) bosses, accusing them of being racist and branding the airline "disgusting" - only hours after pleading guilty to assaulting two police officers on board a BA plane at London's Heathrow Airport, the CM reported.

The catwalk beauty was sentenced to 200 hours community service and fined $4,500 (GBP2,250) at a hearing at Uxbridge Magistrates' Court, in west London on Friday (20Jun08).

Campbell was arrested in April (08) onboard a Los Angeles-bound plane following a dispute over her luggage, which was lost in the airport's recent Terminal 5 baggage handling fiasco.

The 38-year-old admitted three counts of assault, one count of disorderly conduct and two counts of threatening behaviour towards cabin crew at the London hearing.

And despite her spokesman Alan Edwards insisting the beauty was "concerned about her actions towards the police officers", who she pleaded guilty to assaulting, Campbell has no such remorse for the

outburst she aimed at British Airways' cabin crew.

Speaking to Britain's Sky News after the court case, Campbell says, "As for British Airways, I don't apologise. I just think they're disgusting because there are people still waiting for their luggage.

"I have travelled with them for many years and I just think they have been harsh."

The model accused the pilot and arresting officers of being racist, reportedly telling them, "You wouldn't be doing this if I was white" as she was escorted off the jet, magistrates heard in court on Friday.

And Campbell still believes she was targeted because she is black, telling the press how she was allegedly racially abused by BA staff on the plane.

She says, "I was called a racial name on that flight and that was part of my reaction - again, nothing to do with the police, but yes, from British Airways.

"I was called a 'gollywog supermodel'. I don't think that's really fair - do you?"

However, BA executives refute the model's claims. A statement released by the airline after the court case reads, "BA does not accept any allegations of racism. We are proud of our diversity.

"We have strict policies concerning dignity at work and have long-standing training programmes on diversity and inclusion."