Deputy FM: First installment of Iranˈs $2.8 mln blocked assets released

Photo: Deputy FM: First installment of Iranˈs $2.8 mln blocked assets released / Iran

Iranian Deputy Foreign Minister Seyyed Abbas Araqchi announced that the first installment of Iranˈs 2.8-million-dollar blocked assets amounting to $500 million has been released on August 1 to be remitted to the countryˈs account, IRNA reported.

ˈThe necessary coordination for remitting $500 million of cash has already taken place,ˈ Araqchi said.

Araqchi announced that a sum of $2.8 billion will be remitted to Iranˈs account in the next four months.

ˈA total of USD 2.8 billion will be paid to Iran in six installments in the next four months,ˈ Araqchi said.

According to recent Vienna 6 nuclear agreement between Iran and Sextet in which 6- month Geneva Joint Plan of Action was extended for 4 more months 2.8 million dollars of Iranˈs blocked oil sale money will be released in 6 installments.

Towards the end of the Vienna 6 nuclear negotiations between Iran and the Sextet when it was made clear that within the period till July 20 deadline for the Geneva Joint Plan of Action (JPA) the so-called comprehensive agreement between the two sides could not be signed, the Islamic Republic of Iran and the six world powers decided to implement the second stage of the JPA within a new four month extended period.

The new ˈnon-paperˈ document was achieved following many rounds of intensive, tough talks in one page and it was stressed that it was unofficial. The two sides have in this new document agreed on the method of continuing the negotiations and on continuing implementing the JPA.

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