Italian police seizes over 1 bln euros from Gaddafi family

Photo: Italian police seizes over 1 bln euros from Gaddafi family    / Arabic region

Italian tax police seized over 1.1 billion euros (1.5 billion U.S. dollars) in assets belonging to the family of Libyan fallen leader Muammar Gaddafi upon a warrant of the International Criminal Court of The Hague, local media said on Wednesday.

The confiscated property included real estate, bank accounts and company shares belonging to members of the Gaddafi family or to people of his entourage, Xinhua quoted ANSA news agency as reporting.

The assets partly came from a 1.26 percent share in Italy's largest commercial bank Unicredit, worth 611 million euros (813 million dollars), and a 0.6 percent share in energy giant Eni, worth 410 million euros (546 million dollars).

Police also seized a 2 percent share in manufacturer Finmeccanica and a 1.5 percent share in soccer team Juventus, as well as real estate in Rome, 150 hectares of woods on the island of Pantelleria in southern Italy, and two motorcycles.

The seizure was issued by Rome Court of Appeals with backing from the International Criminal Court of the Hague, which had made a request for discovery of assets attributable to the former leader and his associates when it issued arrest warrants in June for their crimes against humanity.

After months of civil war and military intervention by the NATO forces, the Libyan opposition defeated Gaddafi forces, and ultimately captured and killed him in October last year.

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