Azerbaijani President Signs Order on Flag of President of Azerbaijani Republic

Politics Materials 15 September 2008 22:27 (UTC +04:00)

Azerbaijan, Baku, 15 September/ Trend / Azerbaijani President signed an order on Flag of Azerbaijani President. According to the order, the flag is the official symbol of the President of Azerbaijani Republic, the model of flag will be kept in private office in Presidential palace, the duplicate of the flag will be raised in Presidential palace and residences of the Head of the State, in the rooms and studies of above-mentioned places, in other residences in which the President is present, in the rooms or buildings where official events with the participation of the president is held, on the transport means of Azerbaijani president.

The flag constitutes a double-sided cloth in the shape of rectangular panel, consisting of three horizontal equal bands. In accordance with colors of state flag of Azerbaijan, the upper band is blue, the middle is red, and the lower is green. Coat of Arms of Azerbaijan is reflected in the middle of red stripe on both sides of the cloth

The cloth is bordered with golden fringe.

A silver cramp will be fixed on the flagstaff of the Presidentїs Flag. The name, middle name, second name of Azerbaijani president and his presidential term will be reflected on it.

A metallic crescent and an eight-pointed star will crown top of the flagstaff.

The flag of Azerbaijani President can be in different sizes.